Of airplanes and men...

"You know, I like airports" five-year-old me said as we were picking family up from the airport.

"Why? They're ugly." My mother responded.

That was the beginning. Over the subsequent years planes were built from boxes, airports from legos, and sprawling airline empires from drawings on paper to every airline simulation game ever created. (Don't fact check me on that...)

I went on to study airlines at Embry-Riddle where I met other bizarre people like myself for the first time.

And now I work for United Airlines where I've done everything from manage inventory on our flights to Beijing, to economic modeling, to route forecasting and capacity planning. 

I'm learning the business and loving every moment of it.

Lest you think me unbalanced, I also have interests in architecture, philosophy, design, technology, psychology (other modes of) transportation, economics, and theology.

To live is to love, God and others. I'm still trying to figure that part out.

I'm going to stop here before I head down the road of cliche.