Below is an excerpt from a weekly email to the community church group I co-lead:

As I write this email, the pride parade is going by about 50 yards out my window. Across the street from the parade is a group of people who are condemning everyone involved to hell. As much as I want to write a normal weekly email, I can't.

Homosexuality is a difficult issue for the church. I don't have all the answers, in fact I have very few answers. But what I do know is that historically the church as a whole has been very unwelcoming to the gay community. This is wrong. If we as Christians want to be a little Christ, we must open our doors and offer the love of Christ to everyone. Jesus spent time with and loved all people, regardless of how society saw them, regardless of they saw themselves, and regardless of their relationship with God at that point. 

We must love our neighbors as ourselves.

The theology of homosexuality and sin is not something I believe I'm in a position to discuss in this email but I will leave you with this: 

We as the church have long demonized homosexuality while letting things like greed go almost completely unaddressed. We must recognize the plank in our own eye first. And we must treat everyone as a fellow child of God. Someone who is broken, in need of God's grace, is made in God's image, and who is deeply loved by Him.

You cannot hate someone into heaven. At the end of the day, God is love. And #lovewins


P.S. - this also means we must love those who stand on the corner and profess hate, too... no one said being a Christian was easy