Who are you? Our initial response to this is something like, well I'm a technology consultant, or I'm a music teacher, or I'm an aircraft mechanic. Deeper we may add things like father, artist, or Democrat. And if we're pressed we may share how we're introverts or orphans or even addicts.

But no matter how many labels we put on ourselves, we can never adequately describe who we are. We are each unique and each label comes with baggage. I'm an introvert who loves meeting new people, a Republican for immigration reform, and an entrepreneur that secretly wants to be a professor.  

Labels are an convenient shorthand at times, but they can become dangerous. We can feel a need to live up to the stereotypes of our labels. Others can put labels on us that don't fit. But ultimately, because no label truly describes us, we can live our life trying to discover the intersection of all our labels.

The problem is that that intersection doesn't exist.  We have an identity that is completely different from all of that. It is the core of our being. It is how God made us and it's only in Him that we can find it.