Long term growth.

This is something I believe is fairly common but is easy to forget.

In order to grow in the long term, you must be willing to embrace volatility, embrace downside, and embrace risk in the short term. Efforts to reduce risk, protect the downside, and reduce volatility necessarily reduce upside. Putting a bubble around things leads to stagnation.

This means two things. First, we must preform a risk/reward calculation on every decision; we cannot assume that risk reduction is good by default. Second, we must be prepared for and willing to endure the inevitable trough. Things will get rough, that doesn't mean stop. To reap the rewards we must be willing to ride through volatility.

The nuance to this of course is that risk for risk sake is just stupid. There are some common sense simple things you can do to reduce risk that don't limit upside, like wearing a bike or motorcycle helmet. But whenever someone suggests a way to limit risk and limit the downside, dig deep into what upside is being taken away.