What should the Fed do?

I believe the right time for a rate rise, if not this meeting, is next meeting. Economists are split and there are compelling arguments for both sides, but here's the deal breaker for me: 

Inflation has been kept down due to declining fuel and these effects are waning. Keep in mind, fuel decline doesn't just deflate overall prices directly, but indirectly as well due to the cost of transportation, so stable "core" inflation shouldn't be cause for dovishness. 

It's then argued that if inflation does start picking up, we can just raise rates then. I would buy this argument if we weren't in such unusual times. The Fed has been experimenting with new methods to raise rates because the old ways may not be strong enough given the huge amount of money unleashed into the system over the past 8 years. While the Fed is optimistic, these are still unproven on a large scale. So a sharp rise in inflation may not be able to be met with a sharp increase in rates.

Better to telegraph a very flat slope of increase and begin to shake the rust from the rate increase mechanism.